Rycote Cyclone Windshield Kit, Small

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Cyclone Small with [XLR-3F] fits these microphones and more:


The Next Level

Innovation. Evolution. That’s how Rycote has maintained its status as leader in isolation from the effects of wind and shock since we introduced the first conventional windshield more than 40 years ago. For the Cyclone we decided to move our existing technology completely aside to achieve the extraordinary. An entirely new standard of reduction in levels of wind and handling noise for audio professionals.

Innovation in Every Detail

The Cyclone is the result of more than a decade of continuous development. Our design and engineering teams have focused on each component to build an all-new windshield system from the ground up. Everything has been considered, nothing overlooked because to design a windshield system this advanced, everything counts. Alone, every one of these advancements is a performance breakthrough. Together, they are the Cyclone, the world’s most advanced microphone windshield and shock-mount system.


  • For SCHOEPS CMC641, SENNHEISER: MKH 50, MKH 8050 [XLR], DPA 4017C, 4018C, NEUMANN KM150

  • Supplied with ultra-soft, flexible cable with Silicone sleeve, fitted with a Rycote RF Shielded 90Ā° Shortie XLR Female

  • Balance offset which provides mic-axis articulation for ideal microphone placement when booming

  • Radical new design and shape delivers a new pinnacle in audio transparency, wind noise and handling noise isolation

  • Lightweight, durable construction, designed with materials to withstand extreme field conditions

  • Featuring 3D-Tex® delivering massive wind noise reduction without needing additional fur coverings

  • Basket Z-Locking design w/ magnetic locking for instant one-hand mic access with automatic, self-aligning basket reassembly

  • Swivel latches provide additional basket security for extreme environments and run-and-gun applications

  • Increased acoustic transparency, and no parallel surfaces to minimise room-tones, provides a clean frequency response

  • All-new, patented Floating-Basket Suspension with Lyre technology for reduction of windshield basket handling noise

  • Industry-leading Lyre Microphone Suspension with Universal Lyre webs (19-25mm), 62-Shore

  • Output male XLR locked in angled position on lightweight boom adaptor

  • Compatible with optional Cyclone Windjammer for extreme wind isolation performance


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