Rycote Overcovers



Rycote Overcovers are a disposable mounting and windshield system for lavalier microphones. For situations where the microphone is exposed to heavier windnoise, we have also introduced the Overcovers which work in exactly the same way, but with a small fur disc as the windshield instead of fabric. Stickies are the double sided adhesive pads that form the basis of our undercover and overcover systems. The adhesive materials used in our Stickies is hypoallergenic and suitable for use on both fabric & skin. The adhesive pads are simply peeled from a sheet, and pressed onto the skin or clothing. The top liner can then be peeled from the pad and the microphone is then simply pressed onto the adhesive pad, and the fabric/fur cover placed on top.

Overcovers are designed to affix lavalier microphones to skin and clothing while reducing greater wind noise. Stickies can be used as replacement adhesive pads for Overcovers or alone as a method of affixing lavaliers to skin & clothing.

Each pack of 6 Overcovers includes 30 Stickies disposable adhesive pads. The packs are split black, white and grey in color (2 overcovers for each).

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