Sanken CMS-10 Stereo Shotgun Camera Microphone With Camera Mount



    The Sanken CMS-10 Stereo Mono Switchable Shotgun Microphone is a compact, shotgun and M-S stereo microphone designed for use with HD camcorders. The CMS-10 incorporates a Mid-Side (M-S) capsule design to provide stunning stereo imagery while accurately capturing frontal audio signal with exceptional directionality and accuracy.

    The result is an audio signal with exceptional rejection of residual noise and just the right amount of ambiance, accurately placed within the stereo field. The wide frequency and exceptional sensitivity response results in pristine audio fidelity with a low noise floor. The CMS-10 features a 5-pin XLR output (cable included), compatible with most HD camera microphone inputs.

  • M-S Stereo Design: The M-S stereo capsule provides accurate directionality and exceptional stereo imaging.
  • HD Camera Mountable: Specifically designed for HD cameras the CS-10's compact design allows for camera mounting.
  • Minimal Residual Noise: The highly directional shotgun characteristic reduces unwanted, off-axis residual noise.
  • Non-Proximity Effect: The M-S capsule eliminates the low frequency boost associated with close proximity capturing.

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