Sanken CSS-5 Switchable Mono/Stereo Shotgun Microphone



    A professional, flexible work-horse microphone for capturing stereo or mono signal, the Sanken CSS-5 is an industry favorite for television, film, concert recording, sound design and much more. The flexibility of the CSS-5 lies withing it's ability to capture in Normal (stereo), Mono and Wide (stereo) modes.

    The accurate, transparent signal reproduction is based on an array of five new directional condenser elements, with new PPS (Poly-Phenylene-Sulfide) diaphragms to provide optimum humidity / temperature stability. The CSS-5 is equally responsive in the horizontal and vertical planes with high sensitivity, wide frequency response and excellent dynamic range. The CSS-5 is small and lightweight with switchable mono / stereo functions. The standard 19mm diameter permits use of a wide range of accessories developed for enhanced performance and field mobility.

    Key Features:

  • Stereo (Normal) Mode: Normal mode provides an accurate, transparent stereo pick up of the targeted source. Stereo angle is approximately 115 degrees.
  • Stereo Wide Mode: Wide mode provides a generous stereo pick up area and is ideal for ambiance or sound effect recording for film, sound design etc. Wide mode allows a 140 degree pick up area.
  • Mono Mode: Mono mode provides sharp directivity over a wide frequency range. Signal is accurately reproduced at the front of the microphone capsule while off-axis ambient sound is greatly reduced.
  • Eliminates Proximity Effect: Close range, low-frequency proximity effect is eliminated due to the sophisticate array of the capsules.

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