Sanken CSS-50 Switchable Short Stereo Shotgun



    The CSS-50 from Sanken is a three-diaphragm, electret condenser short shotgun microphone that uses pressure gradient technology and supercardioid diaphragms to offer three distinct operational modes. The microphone is suitable for capturing audio in video, broadcast TV, and film applications.

    The shotgun mic is small and lightweight with three switchable modes, mono, normal (stereo), and wide (stereo) to satisfy the various needs of location and studio recording solutions. In normal mode, the stereo angle is approximately 115°, and the microphone picks up the targeted sound as well as extremely accurate stereo localization.

    Other modes include mono, which provides sharp directivity and is maintained over a wide frequency range for the aimed frontal sound sources. It picks up the chosen sound source clearly in noisy ambient situations or in a long reverberation space.

    Finally, wide mode is designed for stereo recording of sound effects where dialogue will be dubbed in at a later date. This mode allows for a wider 140° pickup pattern compared to conventional M-S microphones, which have a maximum of 127°.

    Key Features

  • The CSS-50 is Sanken's easy-to-operate and flexible stereo shotgun for use in broadcasting and film. It is a 3-diaphragm electret condenser mic that offers innovative technology in a short, practical form factor
  • The CSS-50 offers three distinct operation modes. Mono mode offers sharp shotgun directivity, normal (stereo) mode provides precise stereo localization, and wide (stereo) mode allows for expanded 140° stereo, which is ideal for cinematic ambience and sound effects
  • Thanks to Sanken's original thin square capsule design, the capsules can be stacked in the short sound tube, providing performance equivalent to the CSS-5 in a more compact body. The high-performance electret condenser capsules are equivalent in response to DC-biased capsules

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