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The Boundary Microphone with Front Side of Hemisphere Cardiod Directivity

  • Clear and rich sound
  • Small size, easy to set up
  • Front side of hemisphere cardioid directivity

The SANKEN CUB-01 offers an exclusive design which overcomes the limitations of previous boundary microphones, producing an extremely rich and full-bodied sound. Although small (32.5mm diameter, 14mm height, 45g weight) the sound is comparable with much larger microphones. The CUB-01 is designed for use in many situations, from TV and film field shooting to broadcast studio production and conference table recording. Because of its small size it is easy to conceal from the camera, and can be positioned in a variety of environments, for example, attached to the ceiling of a car with two-sided sticky tape.

Using Sanken's advanced technology, the CUB-01 has a unique square-shaped capsule housing the diaphragm. With this proprietary design, the effective area of the diaphragm is significantly enlarged. Due to the CUB-01's cardioid directional characteristics, human narration and dialogue are clearly recorded while eliminating unnecessary background noise.
The CUB-01 is available in gray or beige.
The Sanken CUB-01 offers a totally new design that overcomes the limitations of previous boundary microphones. Generally speaking, most boundary microphones have almost the same sound characteristics, heard as "thin," "solid," and "metallic." Using Sanken's advanced technology, the CUB-01 has resolved this problem with its unique square-shaped cardioid capsule. This proprietary design significantly enlarges the effective area of the diaphragm, resulting in a boundary microphone whose sound is rich and natural, with a flat response to 70Hz. Now it is possible to capture a "full bodied" and "clear" sound ? human narration and dialogue are clearly caught while excluding unnecessary background noise.

Directivity Cardioid/front side of hemisphereĀ
Transducer Self-polarised condenserĀ
Frequency range 60Hz - 15kHzĀ
(nominalĀ atĀ 1kHz)
40mV/Pa (-28dB,0dB=1V/Pa)Ā
Equivalent noise level
Max SPLĀ (1%Ā THD) 120dB SPL.Ā
OutputĀ impedance
atĀ 1KHz
180 ohmsĀ
Powering +48Ā±4V phantomĀ
Current consumption less than 1.8mAĀ
Weight 45g (including cable) , 55g (48V I/F)Ā
Dimensions 32.5mm (diameter) X 14.0mmĀ
Connector XLR-3MĀ

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