Sanken WMS-5 5.0 Surround Microphone



Double M-S 5.0 Surround Microphone

・ 5 surround outputs from one microphone (L, C, R, LS, RS)
・ Compact size: 235mm(length), 235g(weight)
・ Precise phase coherent M, S, M capsule layout
・ MS to LR Matrix circuitry in the microphone body
・ Ideal 5.0 sound localization
・ Various accessories available for outdoor operation

The WMS-5 is the world's first 5-channel Surround microphone self-contained in one mic body. As the newest model in a comprehensive line of the highest quality microphones for audio recording, HDTV broadcast and film, the breakthrough Sanken WMS-5 utilizes extensive M-S stereo research conducted in conjunction with Japan's NHK. The WMS-5 is the ideal microphone for on location multichannel audio recording.

Surround sound for broadcast and film has become quite popular, but creating realistic multi-channel soundtracks in post-production from traditional microphone sources has proven problematic, time consuming, and unnatural. The WMS-5 delivers realistic surround sound with minimal setup time, and is easily mounted on a camera, boom pole, or pistol grip.

The Sanken WMS-5, an exclusive Sanken design based on the well known M-S method of recording, provides 5 surround outputs signals. The front “M" capsule is used for both “C" and front L, R. The “S" signal is for both front L, R and rear LS, RS. The rear “M" capsule is used for LS and RS. In order to keep precise phase coherence, capsules are set vertically on the same axis. The front “C" capsule has shotgun directivity.
Stereo angle is 120 degree (L-R, LS-RS).

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