Schoeps CCM 4 Cardioid, classic unidirectional pattern for universal use



The Schoeps Compact Microphone CCM 4 Ug is an industry standard professional microphone from Schoep's compact microphone series. This mic comes with a 5 meter, 12V - 48V powered XLR cable. SCG Included, Matte Gray finish.

  • cardioid pattern well maintained throughout the frequency range.
  • for universal application.

The MK 4 and CCM 4 are optimized for maximum rejection of rear-incident sound. Typical of the classic cardioid, at 90° to its axis the attenuation is 6 dB, while from the rear (180°) it can be as much as 30 dB, depending on the frequency. The random-energy efficiency* - the ratio of on-axis sensitivity to diffuse sound field efficiency - is 4.8 dB. (The higher this figure, the less “room sound" is picked up by a microphone, and the less susceptible it is to acoustic feedback.)

Due to its directivity, the MK 4/ CCM 4 can be placed 1.7 times farther from the sound source than a pressure transducer of equivalent sensitivity, while maintaining the same proportion of direct and reverberant sound. In the diffuse sound field (distant from a sound source in a room, for instance), this microphone type has flat frequency response except for a slight emphasis around 10 kHz.It is ideal for speech as well as for music recordings, with a well-defined sound image free of coloration. When used for X/Y recording or as a Mid microphone in a Mid-Side configuration, it delivers exceptional results. It is also the capsule intended for use with our ORTF stereo microphone (MSTC 64 or STCg).This microphone type has the most general applicability and is the type most widely used.

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