Sennheiser AVX-835 Set-4-US Handheld Mic Set: EKP XLR Receiver, AVX-835 Handheld Mic



The AVX-835 SET from Sennheiser is easy to use and sets up in seconds. It is known as the perfect digital wireless microphone for film projects because the system fully self configures and the receiver can be inserted directly into a camera or recording interface. The short set up time and its compact design allow for maximum conveniency. For this reason, the device is perfect for on-the-go audio situations for film such as street interviews.
  • EKP AVX plug-on receiver
  • SKM AVX-835 handheld transmitter
  • MMD 835-1 microphone head
  • Rechargeable battery packs for receiver and transmitter
  • XLR to mini-jack cable
  • hot shoe mount
  • USB charging unit
  • USB charging cable
  • Belt clip, microphone clamp, pouch


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