Sennheiser MKH 70 Super-Cardioid Shotgun Condenser Microphone



The MKH 70 from Sennheiser is great for picking up high-quality sound from longer distances. with this, it is especially effective for work outside as this microphone is also highly moisture resistant. However, whether inside a film studio, or outside on location, This mic will get the job done.

The MKH 70 is a lightweight long shotgun microphone. Its excellent directivity is particularly suited to applications undertaken in difficult conditions, such as high background noise and distance microphone positioning. Its frequency-independent directivity prevents sound colouration from off-axis sound sources.


  • Interference tube (long gun) microphone with lobar pick-up pattern
  • High directivity throughout the whole frequency range
  • Very lightweight
  • Exceptionally low inherent self-noise
  • High sensitivity
  • Switchable treble emphasis
  • Switchable roll-off filter
  • Infrasonic cut-off filter (-18 dB/oct.)
  • Switchable pre-attenuation

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