Sound Devices MP-1 Portable Microphone Preamp



Portable, battery-powered microphone preamplifier with phantom power

Designed for high-definition field production environments, the full-featured studio-quality MP-1 is an ideal line-driver for critical radio, television, and film applications.

The MP-1 is extremely durable and easy to use. With rugged mechanical and electrical construction and high-quality components it will provide years of superb audio performance under the most punishing field conditions.MP-1 ļæ½ panel view

Key Features
  • Superb audio specifications

  • 66 dB of gain, in eleven discrete steps

  • Transformer-balanced input and output

  • Phantom power - 48 volt or 12 volt

  • High pass filter @ 80 Hz or 160 Hz, 6 dB/octave

  • Limiter makes unit virtually "unclippable"

  • High current line output drive

  • Excellent immunity to RF interference.

  • Battery power (two x AA)

  • Durable mechanical construction

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