Used - Short Cable Bundle



Used Bundle of Short Cables

All cables for $100

*More cables in bundle than pictured*


XLR Female to TS

XLR Female to 1/8"

XLR Female to 3 Pin Male

XLR Female to 4 Pin Female

XLR Female to 5 pin Female

XLR Female to RCA

XLR Male to XLR Male

XLR Male to 1/8" mono

XLR Male to 1/8" stereo

XLR Male to 3 Pin Male

XLR Male to 3 Pin Female

XLR Male to 5 pin Female

XLR Male to RCA

XLR Male Snake to Two XLR Female

3 Pin to 1/8"

5 Pin to 1/8"

5 Pin Snake to two 1/8"

1/8" to 1/8"

1/8" to 1/8" mono

1/8" Snake to 1/8" and 3 Pin Female

1/8" Snake to Two 5 Pin Female

1/8" Male Snake to Two 1/8" Female

Hires to DC

Component to 3.5 mm

Component to 2.5 mm


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