Wisycom SPL2216 Wideband Active Antenna Combiner/Splitter



Wisycom Remote Antenna Protocol remote controls antennas or boosters  and has Ethernet Interface for PC operation that connects to monitors or another SPL2216 

SPL2216 16 Diversity Output 4 Diversity Input

SPL2216 is an active combiner/splitter: 2 x 2 (diversity) input are combined and then distributed in 16 x 2 (diversity) outputs. It allows a basic matrix-selection between 2 diversity areas: each input feed can be activated with a button on the front panel.

Wisycom Remote Antenna Protocol

It provides antenna bias & diagnostic check and integrates the Wisycom Remote Antenna Protocol: using the same coaxial cable it creates a network to monitor and control remotely boosters (BFA) or antennas (LFA).

Wisycom Wireless Manager Program for PC

Thanks to the ethernet interface all of these functionalities can be supported on the PC using the Wisycom Wireless Manager program.


  • Wideband: 170-1260 MHz
  • High Rf robustness and linearity: for high density/equally spaced frequencies operations (i.e. with MTP40s Linear)
  • Able to feed 16 diversity receivers
  • Combine/Select signal from 4 antenna inputs
  • Redundant DC supply and antennas diagnostic features
  • Wisycom Remote Antenna Protocol to control antennas/booster remotely thru coax
  • Ethernet interface to access all features with a PC, making presets and real-time monitoring
  • Cascade output to connect another SPL2216 or monitor devices


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