Tentacle Sync E - Timecode Sync Box Standard Set (2 units)



The Tentacle SYNC E mk2 is a super small and lightweight timecode generator that has recently been improved from its original design. It is packed with everything that you need to sync all of your cameras and audio recorders with ease.

The Standard Set, with two SYNC E mk2 device and the included renowned Tentacle Sync Studio Software for macOS offers fast and easy timecode synchronization of your audio and video footage. Furthermore, the SYNC E combined with the Tentacle TRACK E timecode audio recorder make a good team for any video shooting from YouTube and wedding applications to multicam setups as well as post production syncing tasks.

The latest version, the Tentacle SYNC E mk2 timecode generator, is based on the well- known SYNC E. Now it's ready for the future with Bluetooth 5.0 and improved battery management.


  • Syncing over Bluetooth 5.0 (low energy) for monitoring and setup via phone or tablet
  • Super small and lightweight
  • Frame rate and TC output level adjustable via Tentacle Setup App (iOS/ Android/ macOS/ Windows)
  • One Tentacle Sync Studio software license included
  • Tentacle clamp locks a right-angle mini jack connector
  • Accurate built-in reference microphone
  • Generates all SMPTE timecode rates or jam-sync to any external timecode source
  • High precision TCXO - accuracy with less than 1 frame drift in 24 hours (-30°C to +85°C) 


  • 2x Tentacle SYNC E mkII – timecode generator with BluetoothTM functionality
  • 1x Mini jack cable (90° angled) for syncing devices with TRS input
  • 1x USB-C cable for charging and setup (Windows/Mac)
  • 2x Tentacle clamps for locking your right-angled cables to the Tentacle SYNC E
  • 10x Velcro loop pads for mounting the Tentacle to any device
  • 4x Coloured rubber bands
  • 1x Quickstart guide
  • 1x Software activation details and manual included 

The New Way of Sync

Tentacle SYNC E is built on the idea of providing you with an easy to operate and reliable timecode and sync tool that works in nearly any kind of setting. No matter how small or complex your shooting challenge is, the Tentacle SYNC E is the right companion for your creative task.

Spend less time thinking about setting everything up and spend more time on what you do best: being creative.

Sync over Bluetooth? – YES IT WORKS!

Some of you might be thinking: why Bluetooth? The answer is simple: Most of our customers don't leave home without their phones or tablet and Bluetooth is the most common and widely-used wireless technology used by almost all of them. The solution for cable-free operation is right in front of you: in the palm of your hands.

Battery. SYNC E uses Bluetooth low energy. This means, your SYNC E offers a battery life of up to 35 hours – no matter if you use it for setup, syncing or monitoring your devices.

Connectivity. Forget the old phone/car radio connectivity problems. With Bluetooth LE you simply hold your phone close to your Tentacle SYNC E to link it with your app.

Syncing Device for Any Video Shooting

Monitoring. Tentacle devices don’t have a built-in display – and that’s just how we like it. The best user-interface is your phone. Use it to monitor and setup your Tentacle SYNC E with a frame-accurate timecode display, without the need for any additional expensive equipment.

Accuracy. Tentacle’s sync algorithms allow you to monitor your Octopodes with frame accuracy via the Tentacle Sync app.

Future-proof. Every Sync E acts as a master and broadcasts timecode independently via Bluetooth. Almost every mobile device can make use of this timecode, opening up a whole world of seamless connectivity sync network without needing any new technology – straight out of the box.

More Than Scratching the Surface – Excellent Internal Microphone

Connecting timecode equipment to the mic input of a DSLR-type camera cuts off the internal audio. Tentacle SYNC E is the only solution available with a high-quality built-in ‘scratch’ mic. Record both timecode and ambient sound simultaneously with just one single device.

You Good-Locking Clamp You – Knowing Your Connector is Secure

Who wants to buy extra non-standard and unusual cables or connectors? Probably nobody. At least we don‘t. That‘s why we decided to add a clamp to the Tentacle SYNC E, making the connector lockable. And to make things even easier, we just used a 3.5mm mini jack – without a doubt the most common and versatile connector in the world. It’s all designed around you, not us.

It's All in Your Pocket – Expand the Tentacle with Professional Mobile Apps

You don’t want to bring extra devices to the set? Tentacle Sync also offers additional native iOS & Android apps such as the audio recorder. Just use your phone for recording synced audio. Third party apps such as Movie Slate also have full Tentacle support, making it even easier to shoot professional video on the go. And the best thing: they are all free.

From the Set to the Editing Room –Full Software Included

Of course, every Tentacle unit comes with Tentacle Sync Studio (macOS) enabling you to sync your material with just a single click. It works with nearly any kind of timecode, even if you have used a different timecode technology than ours.

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