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A collaboration between Unity Sound and Sound Hard brings new innovation for all day booming scenarios. The Boomee allows boom operators to rest their boom poles in any position for quick access when on set. It's also a convenient place to take a seat when the camera department is rigging up a car for 2 hours.

Each Boomee is made of 1/2-inch thick, 9-ply, genuine baltic birch wood. With this, they are incredibly durable, rigid, and light as possible. Radiused edges make it comfortable to grab and carry around set

The Boomee is available in either a rugged, textured black or a natural finish over Birch wood. The black is is tough-as-nails coating that is often used on touring speaker cabinets, and the natural is a water-tight polyurethane finish that brings out the lush grain of the Baltic Birch.

The default hole size for a pole is two inches in diameter with the hole placed in a corner. This is designed for an average boom pole. A four-inch diameter hole is designed for poles with a wireless transmitter adapter "wing." A cup fixed to the bottom of the box holds the boom pole at a stable angle. Four non-slip feet on the bottom create a stable structure. All options are customizable and the box can be made to any color, hole diameter, orientation, or size (subject to availability). We can also offer custom laser engraving - feel free to inquire for more info. 

Please make any additional request in the text box to the right. You may also call us at (504) 309-7112 or contact us here to place an order. We will contact you as well for any clarification or questions.

Because this item is custom made for each order request, please allow 2-3 weeks for construction.

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