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 *During November 2021, anyone that purchases $50 or more of Bubblebee products receives a free Mic Accessory Case!*

From Bubblebee Industries, the Spacer Bubble is a windshield for shotgun microphones that gives situational options to the user. It is great for indoor and outdoor recording.

The shotgun microphone windshield is constructed of a noise-free mesh base, with a coarse foam inside and a specially designed rubber mount at the bottom.

The combination of the foam and the mesh provides the perfect conditions for recording indoors. And if you suddenly have to act fast and go outside, simply slip-on the short-haired fur and experience the optimal transparency within seconds. 

When your recordings are wrapped, you can always keep track of your Spacer Bubble by leaving on the base on your boom or camera mic, and collecting the fur slip-on in the included practical mesh storage bag. In that way you’ll always be ready!  

For heavier wind options, Bubblebee offers a Long-Haired Spacer Cover. These items can also be purchased together in The Spacer Kit.

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