Versa-Flex BHS1 Breathable Professional Audio Harness

Choose Size: 21" x 4"


The Versa-Flex BHS1 Breathable Professional Audio Harness is a heavy-duty, padded wide strap that prevents shoulder fatigue while carrying audio equipment. It is designed to be used with professional audio mixer and recording cases. There is a 21" over strap and a 8" under strap. The harness features attachment rings for securing cases, two carabiners, removable waist strap and a carry sack. Created with the same great weight distribution and comfort as the popular HS1-N, HS2-N and HS3-N, only with a cooler, lighter-wearing, lighter-duty harness for hot weather and wet locations. A breathable and strong high-tech 3D-mesh fabric in this lighter version, to keep the user cooler on warm days. Drying the new harness will be fast as the mesh won't hold water.

Key Features :

• Heavy-duty, padded audio harness with wide straps, used to prevent shoulder fatigue.
• Soft cloth padding under straps
• Chrome-plated adjustment and attachment rings, with more room for adjustments than previous model.
• 1.5"-wide weight bearing strap, with 4" padding underneath
• More spaces along front allow for additional adaptability in fit and add on accessories.
• Removable waist strap used to keep sound gear close to waist.


Material :
Exterior: 3-D mesh fabric
Over the shoulder strap: 1/2" dense, open-cell foam laminated to tricot nylon
Back strap: 3/8" dense, open-cell foam laminated to tricot nylon
Weight :
1.6 lbs (726g)

Includes :

  • Waist Strap
  • Carry Sack
  • 2 Carribeaners
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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