Wisycom CSA121x- Passive Wideband Combiner/Splitter

Variants: CSA121A


CSA121A is designed to combine different areas, covered by antennas in diversity configuration.
CSA121A is DC-coupled for use with antenna booster: it can handle up to 1.5 Amp without saturation for high power booster (BAW) powering. Mounting plate hole M5.
It is supplied with a power supply for the booster voltage.
In case a booster voltage is not needed, use the CSA221 to have a double splitter combiner.

CSA121A Standard version: 12Vdc on the three ports (1,2 ,C), Max input power 125mW

CSA121B is a passive wideband splitter/combiner designed to work up to 2W of power.

CSA121T is a passive wideband splitter/combiner designed to work up to 3W of power.
CSA121T becomes a smart combiner when used with Wisycom transmitter MTK952N: thanks to which the combiner loss is recovered.


  • Small and compact splitter/combiner, stripline construction
  • Wide band operation
  • Supplied with 230/110 Vac power supply with locking connector (only CSA121A)
  • High input power up to 2W (CSA121B) or 3 W (CSA121T)
  • Used with MTK952N, permits to recover the combiner loss (only CSA121T)

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