Lectrosonics DCR822 Dual-Channel Digital / Analog Wireless System - Rental

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A dual-channel wireless kit featuring the Lectrosonics DCR-822 receiver, offering two independent channels that can operate in either digital or analog compatibility modes, as well as analog or AES outputs The two audio channels can feed separate inputs or can be mixed internally to feed a single input. The DCR-822 has a tuning range of 470 - 608 mHz. Power via AA Lithium batteries for 6 hours, or connect to external battery power for longer use. 

This kit includes the Lectrosonics DCR-822 Receiver,  Lectrosonics transmitters and two lavalier microphones, Audio output cables, and power cable. Available transmitters and lavalier mics listed blelow.

Available Transmitters:

Available Lavalier Mics:

  • Sanken COS-11
  • DPA 6060
  • Countryman B6

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