Phonak "Earwig" In-Ear Receiver - Rental – Sound Hard
Phonak "Earwig" In-Ear Receiver - Rental

Phonak "Earwig" In-Ear Receiver - Rental

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The Phonak Invisity 4 In-Ear Receiver is designed for discreet prompting or communication for film, stage, television production or any situation where hidden communication is needed.

The Invisity 4 is a four frequency, programmable, 4 channel narrow-band, in ear RF receiver. Programmable frequencies fall within a 7mHz band with a choice of 6 ranges. Programming is accomplished with the Invisity Programming Unit (IPU aka “The Toaster”). The programming can be done at your dealer or program your own with purchase of the IPU. Volume levels can be preset for individual selection by the Remote Control. A rotating switch built into the housing of the Invisity Flex allows on/off and control of the pre-selected(2) volume settings.

The Invisity 4 really is practically invisible since it is worn inside the ear and disappears into the ear canal. The ergonomic design ensures greater comfort for longer wear periods.