Used - Shure SBC240 2-Bay Networked Docking Charger



Used Shure SBC240 2-Bay Networked Docking Charger

Excellent cosmetic value

Fully functional

Includes unit and power supply
The Shure SBC240 is a dual docking charger for the Shure SB910 and SB920 lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, as well as the Shure ADX1, ADX2, and ADX2FD digital wireless transmitters. And because the SBC240 is network enabled, you’ll be able to monitor battery status remotely via Shure Wireless Workbench software. You can even connect up to four SBC240 chargers together, sharing power and network connectivity. If you’ve got a Shure digital wireless system, Sweetwater highly recommends the Shure SBC240 Ethernet charger.

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