Stingray by K-Tek KSHRN3S Stingray Harness Small (3rd Gen)



Stingray by K-Tek's KSHRN3s is an improved harness for working on set. This 3rd generation of K-Tek’s revolutionary harness was designed for shorter, smaller and/or thinner operators and features game-changing innovation:

  • Exoskeleton: an even stronger Rigid Spine design, to transfer bag weight through the harness instead of shoulder/spine
  • Hip Fins comfortably transfer Rigid Spine load into hips/legs
  • Adjustable, color coded and removable inner waist belt
  • Color Coded 6-mounting points to effectively and comfortably secure the bag to the body and make putting the harness on & taking it off even faster and easier
  • Adjustable Butterfly design shoulder straps to fit various body types and sizes
  • New, Lightweight, more breathable material keeps you even more comfortable and cooler
  • Plenty of attachment points on front and back of the harness for accessories

Click here for the larger version of the harness.

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