Lectrosonics Quadpack Power & Audio Interface



The Lectrosonics Quadpack is ideal for large productions with many wireless receivers. It creates a convenient kit for power and audio facilitation. 

Designed to address the increasing demand for compact, multiple wireless receivers in location and ENG production, the Lectrosonics Quadpack facilitates installation of two SRa Series Dual Channel Digital Hybrid Wireless compact receivers on the same or different frequency blocks into a portable, lightweight, rugged assembly.

This powerful production tool provides up to four audio channels in a tiny package specifically engineered for portable mixing bag use.

The Quadpack's front panel is designed to accept the standard SRa or the SRa5P variant that provides audio outputs on the front panel of the receiver for cameras that only have one audio input in the slot.

The left side of the unit provides four full-size XLR outputs while the right side provides four TA3M mini XLRs. The multiple audio outputs can be used for a redundant feed to a recorder in addition to the main outputs that would typically feed wireless transmitters in a bag system, or a mixer on a sound cart.

Receivers can be installed in either of the two slots via the SRUNI Unislot adapter.

The Quadpack's housing is constructed entirely of aluminum with a durable powder-coat finish. Power is via external DC from 7 to 18 V through the LZR locking connector or via a 4-pin Hirose connector located on the system's right side.

Karl Winkler, Lectrosonics' Director of Business Development, commented on the company's new Quadpack, “Input from retailers, field mixers, ENG audio operators, and reality TV crews asking us for an even smaller package than our well known Octopack led to the development of the Quadpack. This is a product that represents the most compact and portable example of four high-quality wireless receivers available anywhere."

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